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Space Dreams (Inspiration From Singin Hills)

Space Dreams (Inspiration From Singin Hills)

Singing Hills One of the quietest hoods in Dallas. We would sneak into the Kliff Klub and walk to the store with no money - - we didn’t leave empty handed It wasn’t the worst but still didn’t mean it wasn’t a trap house across the street and people we hooped with wasn’t coming up missing after we just hooped together in the last week but for the most part the people were cool outside. But the inside of this house was different. It was hectic. It was fights. The ones that give you nightmares trying to sleep at night. There was something evil within these walls that a ordinary person couldn’t see, not unless you had some type of ex ray vision spiritually. I needed an out. I needed to find my way out. I would expel my anger and worries through hoopin and through music. I’d walk down this street with my music in one hand, headphones in my ears and a basketball in the other. That bounce and the beat. Yeah the bounce had a beat. If you listen closely. Everything in life has one. Eventually the ball rolled away but that music freed me. It made me dream. From NWA, and Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson Billie Jean. Then Flava TV, BET and MTV. I’d feel, I’d listen, I’d hmm and I’d sing. I’d rap, I’d freestyle and I’d come up with these different melodies. I’d look up to the stars, to the sky and I’d dream. I’d wonder why I had to go through all of these things but I knew these days wasn’t all that life had come to be. I knew there was something more to all of this for me. I’m telling you part of my story, through life, in my Space Dreams. Space Dreams Is Available On All Streaming Services 08/17/2021. Apple Music (Pre-Order Available Now) Spotify Follow On Social Media Instagram: 3isthemagiclive Facebook: Website: Business/Feature Contact:
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